Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bali Beach - Amed

Amed, A Balinese Favourite Beach Unknown To Most Tourists

Jukungs—traditional outrigger canoes used by Bali's fishermen—line the volcanic black beaches of Amed. Although their carved prows and painted eyes seem whimsical, there is a deep symbolism associated with these simple boats. They are constructed following a strict set of religious guidelines, starting with the choice of a tree, which can only be cut down on an auspicious date. Recently a few Bali Hotels have opened small hotels there too.

The jutting bow is crafted in the shape of the mythical elephant fish, its fierce bulging eyes believed to ward off evil. In the evening, fishermen venture out into the coastal waters, returning with their catch before sunrise. But when the boats repose on the beach, they resemble a row of marlins that have bleached bone white in Amed's year-round sun.

I was inspired to highlight this beach after reading Anastasia from Balinese Indonesia Post On Amed . Thanks Babe! ;)

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